Husband + Wife Traveling photography team documenting meaningful wedding experiences for adventurous couples.  

Destination Elopement and
Adventure Wedding Photographers

BECAUSE you Deserve a wedding You will remember.

We help create the adventure wedding experience of your dreams, telling the story of your connection with a sentimental, unhurried experience - so you can be yourself on your wedding day, be truly present in every moment, and start off your marriage with your best adventure yet!


BECAUSE you Deserve
A wedding You will

NOW. . . 

Close your eyes and imagine with us:
If you and your love could go on the best date ever, with no limits on your adventure,
what would the day look like? 

do you imagine yourself...




to get married.

to get

Walking hand-in-hand along a sweeping cliffside in Iceland, exploring epic waterfalls, running along black sand beaches, and chasing the Northern Lights?

Wandering through charming Greek island towns, enjoying a boat ride over stunningly clear waters along the coastline, and relaxing with a candlelit dinner on the beach?

Roaming through a forest on the California coast, pausing in a small beach town for lunch and ice cream, riding bikes on the beach, and watching the sun set over the Pacific Ocean?

 _______? (insert YOUR unique adventure here… we’ll wait!)

Is the day you get MARRIED to your best friend. 

You experience a unique, true-to-you wedding adventure that you never dreamed was possible.

You come away from the experience blissfully happy and even more in love, with timeless photos preserving the memories of your best day ever.

You share your beautiful story with your loved ones, reliving and reminiscing on this incredible day for the rest of your life.

Imagine this breathtaking, custom adventure you just dreamed up...

Sound too good to be true? 
We're here to tell you that it's not.

And we can help make it happen.

The start of your forever. You’re getting married

Let's not allow these moments to fly by in a blur.
Let’s soak it in and create an experience you can savor.

It’s the moment you've been waiting for.

...Want to make it your most unforgettable adventure yet?

We’re here to help you do just that.

Not only will we photograph your adventure wedding ANYWHERE in the world, we also provide our expertise and guidance in the planning process, assisting you with the vision and logistics to make your whole process stress-free and fun!

You can make your wedding
WHATEVER you want it to be...

"What a gift it was to have Sammie and Micah as our adventure guides/photographers. They truly went above and beyond any expectation for photographers, as they were actively involved and reassuring with planning and execution. They helped alleviate any unnecessary stress leading up and throughout the day. I don’t say this often but run, don’t walk, to have the opportunity to collaborate with The Chaffins."

"They truly went above and beyond"

- Alexis + Sean

We’re a husband and wife elopement photographer team who are storytellers with connection at heart. 

We became adventure wedding photographers because we care deeply about people. And what better way to love on people than by being their support system/cheerleaders on the most important day of their lives?

With experience traveling in 22 countries, we’re here to be a helpful resource for you as you navigate your traveling elopement experience! We’ll help you dream up your custom adventure wedding, lend you our expertise in recommending locations and building timelines, and bring out your unique personalities and connection while documenting your once-in-a-lifetime experience.

hi there, we’re sammie and
micah - the chaffins! 

We believe marriage
is life’s greatest adventure.

Our time together is about MORE than just beautiful photos. 

It’s about                                                                                                                            
falling more and more deeply in love with your forever best friend.

Meet Sammie + Micah Chaffin

about us



let’s take the scenic route

a stress-free wedding experience
a wedding day that values your marriage above the details
a day of romance and adventure in an inspiring destination
a deeply meaningful, personalized, and unhurried wedding

IF YOU desire...
... then you're in the right place.
And we're here for you.
a stress-free wedding experience

a wedding day that values your marriage above the details

a day of romance and adventure in an inspiring destination

a deeply meaningful, personalized, and unhurried wedding

For the travel-obsessed

First, let's define what exactly an adventure elopement is.
(Because modern elopements are so much more than they used to be!)

Getting married in an intentional way that is true to who you are as a couple, keeping all the traditions you love and letting go of the ones you don’t. Prioritizing a relationally-focused, meaningful experience over details, and including a limited amount of loved ones to keep the day intimate and special.
(Often includes unique, personalized activities to make the wedding an unforgettable adventure!)

Sound pretty incredible? We think so too.


Elopements can be whatever you want them to be - they can have 20 guests or 0 guests, be an 8 hour day or a 4-day experience. They can be in your hometown, in a national park, in a foreign country, on the coast, in a desert, in multiple countries - wherever your heart desires!

  • Your two new best friends/your personal cheerleaders on your wedding day (who will also help pin that boutonniere, give you snacks, pull out hand warmers when you're cold - you get the picture. We’re here for YOU!)

  • Your elopement experts who will help you through the process of planning your elopement with tons of personalized recommendations and advice!

  • Your experience creators who prioritize YOU and your connection above all else - we create space for you to slow down, connect, and be truly present on your wedding day (so it doesn’t all fly by in a blur!). Our couples have remarked that their session times with us felt more like a double-date than a photoshoot!

When you book a Chaffins Elopement, you get WAY more than just photographers. You also get:

We’re here to help you identify EXACTLY what would make your dream day, keep all the traditions you love and let go of all the ones you don’t, and say YES to the adventure wedding experience of your dreams!

the experience

Meaningful Experiences in Adventurous Destinations

Sammie and Micah made our dreams all come true and we could have not had a more perfect day if it wasn’t for them. 

The prompts they had us doing made it feel comfortable and like we were living in the moment, not posing for a photo. After receiving our photos, we were in shock. It exceeded everything we ever dreamed. 

Sammie and Micah, you were amazing and immediately felt like best friends. Thank you for making our wedding day so so special!”

"exceeded everything we ever dreamed"

- Emma + Luke

Sentimental Imagery for the Wildly-In-Love


So that you remember.

Photos with depth. Photos with story.


Your greatest adventure yet.

Elopement/Adventure Wedding packages available with up to 30 guests in California, USA, and Worldwide.


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Learn about how you can travel the world for your wedding.

Let's explore together.

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Learn about how you can travel the world for your wedding.

Let's explore together.



They went above and beyond and we are forever grateful. Not only with how the photos came out (which were gorgeous!), but making the whole experience memorable (and honestly, fun! and this is coming from two people who don't take pictures and are very unphotogenic). Sammie and Micah are two of the most genuine people you will ever meet, who also are incredibly talented.”


- Kristian + Josiah

Learn more about our "Unhurried Adventure" Experience and our unique "Invitations" approach.

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